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Fibroid Embolisation: Information, Support, Advice

FEmISA was set up by women whose fibroids were successfully treated by embolisation (sometimes referred to as UAE or UFE). Many of us were keen to avoid hysterectomy and we want to ensure that other women have access to embolisation for the treatment of uterine fibroids by: -

  • informing potential patients/women and GPs and gynaecologists about embolisation and its benefits
  • promoting embolisation as the treatment for uterine fibroids
  • supporting women with fibroids
  • helping and lobbying to ensure that all women have access to this treatment


FEmISA is a UK based not-for-profit organisation. It is run by volunteers and funded by group members. FEmISA does not receive any financial support through advertising, nor benefit from free website hosting or similar sponsorship.

This web site contains information for women and for the medical profession.

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Disclaimer - FEmISA has provided this informative as guidance only; the author is not a medical doctor. Whilst we have researched it thoroughly we cannot accept any responsibility for its accuracy. It does not take the place of a consultation with your doctor. All women are advised to discuss the most appropriate treatment options for them with their GP, interventional radiologist and gynaecologist.